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How to Build a Lasting Medical Spa Clientele

A substantial client base is one of the most important factors in the service industry. Specifically for med spas, there is a key importance of gaining and retaining clientele in order to run a successful practice. Here are 6 very necessary elements to building a lasting clientele.

How to Build a Lasting Medical Spa Clientele?

1) Med Spa First Impressions

In all professional circumstances, first impressions have a resounding effect on med spa clients. An introduction with a hand shake and eye contact shows professionalism and attentiveness. In addition, when an esthetician or staff member says the client’s name when meeting, this will grant them to feel important and not like another appointment on the books. Looking the part is just as important; maintaining a clean and respectable appearance and space is critical to setting the tone for the client‘s assumptions of the provider and facility.

2) Listen to the Client

Med Spa clients come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with all sorts of wants and needs. They are coming to a medical spa provider with a goal in mind and the job is to figure out what that goal is. Asking questions like “What are your skin care goals for today‘s visit?” and “Tell me a little bit about what bothers you the most” can help to identify the client’s expectations. Listen to descriptive words they use and their tone of voice. This can lead to smart follow up questions based off of what they answer back with. Most importantly, never cut a client off when they are speaking. Give them the stage and allow enough time for them to fully express their situation. Allowing open conversation flow will ultimately help determine the client’s expectations, thus providing a tailor made medical spa treatment specific to their concerns.

3) Recognize Body Language

Once the conversation has been opened and exchanged with the client, study their disposition. What is their body language? Are they inviting in conversation or closed off? By studying this, clinicians can get a feel of their client’s boundaries. Whichever the case may be, it is best to mimic the client and take their lead. If boundaries are overstepped, a client could have feelings of discomfort or distrust. Notions a client is closed off might include crossed arms, one-word answers, tone of voice, etc. Picking up subtle cues is a smart way to steer the appointment in the right direction.

4) Educate on the Treatment

Trust comes with knowledge. When med spa clients are educated on their specific treatment plan and why it makes sense for them, they will feel a feeling of ease knowing that they are in good hands. In addition, an important note here is to be able to speak in terms that are understandable to the client. Being able to provide information from an expert point of view shows credibility and professionalism. Let your client know what they should expect from each treatment. Set reasonable expectations and be honest. Providing case studies or before and after photos helps establish a comfort level and trust. When trust is established, clients are more apt to follow suit with purchasing recommended products that you recommend, and will more likely book follow-up appointments.

5) Add Value

Adding value to a med spa client’s experience is a great way to leave a lasting impression and gain returning consumers. This may include going the extra mile in an appointment by adding on an additional service or letting them try out product samples. Loyalty and referral programs are a great way to honor habitual clients. If you are running a promotion, let the client know while they are in office. This is a great time to pre-book them for a next appointment. Make a client feel special with a personalized gift to take home. When a client feels like their experience is personalized and they are getting something for nothing, they feel special. When clients feel special, that feeling remains constant in their mind and they associate the establishment and/or provider with warm regards.

6) Follow up with Clients

There are a few different routes when it comes to following up with a client. This may include hand-written thank you cards, emails, or follow up telephone calls. Specifically, in the medical spa demographic, clients are wanting results from their treatments. A part of the treatment plan should always be to follow up with a telephone call. This way, the provider is showing the client that they are valued and are accessible to answer any follow up questions. Following up just to say “thank-you” is a novelty gesture that makes an nice impression as well.

To sum up, clientele is majority of what makes a med spa successful. So with every client, it is strongly advised to place importance on professionalism the minute they walk in the door and even thereafter. If done right, going the extra mile really does prove to be successful in building a long lasting clientele.

Phoebe Gauthier is a medical aesthetician and aesthetics blogger. She has been in the aesthetics field for over four years and is continuing to perfect her craft. Phoebe currently practices at Bare Body Shop in Omaha, NE. She also keeps current with a monthly blog teaching others about skin conditions, procedures, tips, and product reviews. Learn more through Phoebe via or Facebook page Phoebe Gauthier- Esthetician.



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