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We are experts in Med Spa Digital Marketing

The Medical Spa industry is growing at a rapid rate. As competition grows in
locations throughout the U.S., Med Spa owners are looking for ways to get more
customers to their businesses.

To drive more customers to your Med Spa, you need the right plan for your business. We bring Facebook Marketing together with SEO and a splash of retargeting for the perfect combination of visibility that drives more customers to Spas. We also have years of experience in Google Adwords and other channels. We will work with you to architect the right plan to help grow your business. With our Facebook Marketing team, we will begin driving qualified leads to your Spa business within a day or two. While we are perfecting those campaigns and making you a happy client, our SEO team will be working in the background to improve your visibility in Google search. We work to rank you at the top of the Google map pack, as well as organic listings for your money keywords. Then we sprinkle in some retargeting so that we recapture all those qualified leads and convert them into customers.

How Do We Translate Digital Marketing to More
Revenue in your Business?

Historically, local businesses just advertised in the Yellow Pages, on Billboards and
even radio ads. But with more people searching for businesses online than ever
before, it is ever important that Med Spas have a solid web presence.


Facebook Marketing works. There are so many ways to set up an ad that it can be overwhelming and many people just give up. We have partnered up with a Facebook Marketing expert, Billy Sticker, who has had great success driving qualified leads to Medical practices and is currently doing so for over 60 doctors nationwide. Once Billy reviews the client intake form, he will set up a quick strategy call to identify the best way to start driving qualified customers to your Med Spa and his team will go to work on your campaigns.

What does SEO (search engine optimization) do to drive more customers to your Med Spa? Hubspot has reported that 78% of mobile-searches result in offline purchases. This means people are already looking for businesses like yours in Google. If your competition is ranked in the top spots, then they are getting those qualified leads. The difference in being #1 and #10 in Google is about 30%. In other words, 32% of monthly searchers click the #1 spot. Around 2% click the #10 spot.


Our goal is to drive more customers to your Medical Spa. Not just more traffic. Qualified Leads are high quality visitors with intent to become your customers. We are working with several dozen Medical Practices right now, and we know how to build campaigns that drive customers to your business. Besides our pillar services, we also specialize in Google Adwords and other channels. We will always recommend what we know works best, based on your specific needs.

Exclusivity for Our Clients

One of our promises to you – our client – is that we will not work with two Med Spas in the same local area. The reason is simple. We want to work with one customer in an area, increase their revenue, and gain a life-long friend and long term client.

Specializing in Med Spas

We specialize in optimizing Medical Spa websites. From the client to the types of services, we have experts here on our staff who know this industry. Our years of Digital Marketing experience and a long list of testimonials from Doctors are just a couple of reasons why we stand apart from a general Digital marketing agency. Let’s talk about how we can grow your business!

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