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Medical Spa Website Design

How to Create an Optimal Website Design for Your Medical Spa Business

When you successfully created and opened your medical spa for customers, you probably felt as if your work was all done! Now, how to get med spa customers flocking to your location? Well, it takes a bit more effort to reach customers than simply having a brick-and-mortar business. Next, you must learn how how to market your medical spa.


Digital marketing has become increasingly important for small businesses, and successful digital marketing for med spas relies on having a website! But if you've never created a website before, it can seem like a daunting task. While you don't have to create it all on your own, there are still some important steps to keep in mind when making a blueprint and designing your optimal medical spa website. Read on to learn more about the necessary steps to make to create the perfect website for your med spa practice.

Determine the Purpose of Your Website

You may think that you are creating a website simply to have a website, but that is not a specific purpose! Think of what you want your website to do for your medical spa. Would you like it to help potential med spa customers become aware of your business? Do you want it to attract your ideal customers? Who is your ideal audience? Should your website be a place for people to be able to find out about your services and contact you to book an appointment?

Even if the answers to these questions seem obvious to you, determining the purpose is an important first step to write down. If you are working with someone else to create your website, this is all information that they'll need to know, too. The more details you include, the better!

Create Goals for Your Website

When you've properly outlined the purpose of your medical spa website, it is time to create some goals based off of those answers. For example, if one of your purposes is to acquire new leads, then you would want to make a specific goal of how many leads you expect your website to bring you each month or quarter. While these numbers may seem like a shot in the dark at first, it gives you a good starting point to see how your website does upon completion, and how it continues to grow after you launch it.

Or perhaps you aren't worried about getting new medical spa customers from your business website quite yet, but have a goal of a minimum amount of website visitors. If you will be providing a newsletter or some kind of email marketing, you can also create a goal of how many consumers to get signed up in your email marketing through Calls to Action (CTAs) on the website.

No matter your goals, make sure that they are detailed and concrete. Don't make abstract goals such as "get customers" or "achieve visitors." These goals can't be measured, and won't give you the insights you actual need when you go back and look at reporting to determine success.

Figure Out Your Website Landscape

Once you know your ideal audience and the goals of what you want them to do when they reach your website, it is time to brainstorm how you think your spa website design would be best laid out, also referred to as a sitemap or your site architecture.

Try to do this by deciding which categories best serve as your main points of reference for customers to navigate through your site. Most medical spa websites typically have an "About Us" page and "Contact" page, so those may be stand-alone pages. Otherwise, you may want to create categories such as "Our Services," "Our Locations" (if you have more than one store) and "Learn More" which can include any FAQs and a blog. Think of which pages may have sub-pages or categories under them as well, and how best your customers should click through to find these pages.

Lastly, what features will you need in place? How do you want visitors to click through your med spa website, and what needs to be connected to other parts of your marketing stack, such as your email automation, CRM, etc.? You want to think of all of these features and functionality within the website.

Make a Content Plan

Now that you know how your spa website design will be laid out, you need to figure out what content you need on each page. The content your med spa website has is what really helps drive SEO (search engine optimization). Having SEO-optimized content gives you a better chance of having more people discover your spa website and your business. The best med spa websites will all be working on their SEO. This means that having relevant content your ideal customers would be searching for is imperative. You want to have a mix of content on your site, all with its own specific purpose.

Some common content that you can incorporate on your site includes:

  • Product & Services Pages
  • About Us Page
  • Blog Posts or Articles
  • Videos
  • Reviews & Testimonials
  • Infographics
  • FAQs

Look back to your sitemap to figure out what types of content belong on which pages. Some types of content, such as articles or reviews, may be added after you've launched your website, as they can take more time to create and acquire. It is important to note that continuously publishing recent and relevant content on your site (such as by publishing articles and updating content on pages) is important for your website to rank higher in search engines. The best med spa websites add 1-4 new articles each month.

Design Your Website

When determining how to make your website look and feel, it is imperative that you have brand guidelines in place. You want your medical spa website design to convey your brand look and message, so you have to know what that is first. What does your logo look like, what fonts do you use, how do you speak to customers, and what colors and images go along with your med spa brand?

If you don't have these brand guidelines in place yet, make sure you finalize those first. You don't want to build and design your custom website one way, only to then decide that you don't like the vibe and then need to start over with a new design. Make sure to also check out other medical spas to ensure that you stand out from the crowd and don't have the same ideas that are already being used in the medical spa industry.

Try to make your spa website design as intuitive and easy to navigate as possible without too much clutter, while including all of the content that you need to reach your goals that you outlined previously.

Test the Website

You are close to launching your website, but first you want to make sure that you do your due diligence to test for any bugs, and double-check for any copyedits or glaring issues. This is the time to call in all of your employees to help you out so you can get different points of view and a decent amount of people onto the site to see what happens and what needs to be fixed! Click all the links and buttons, and navigate around to each page in a different way to notice if anything isn't responding the way that it is meant to.

If you have any forms, have people fill them out as a test to see that they input information to where it is supposed to go. You'll want to also ensure that your website shows up correctly on all browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc., as well as on a desktop or mobile version.

Whatever you can think of that needs to be looked at in the website, make sure that you and your testers do it! It's better to figure out and bugs and necessary fixes at this point, and will be easier to fix before your site is live and actual users are on it experiencing these issues in real time.

med spa website design

Launch Your Website

Remember, a website is an ongoing process, so it is never truly created and then left alone; it is not a "set it and forget it" type of deal. Once you believe that your med spa website design has all the basic structure, content, and images needed, you are free to launch and test it out!

You want to keep adding to and editing your website as you realize which pages customers navigate to more than others, and from direct feedback. It is also important to keep adding more content to your website for search engines to have more pages and information to categorize for your website, helping potential customers find you. While a potential med spa client may not be aware of you enough to search for your website directly, if they search for "services I can get at a medical spa," it would be great for your website to have an article on this topic, so that they will discover you and your services through the helpful content that you provide.

Once you've done the major lift of designing your med spa website and getting it up and running, it is mostly maintenance from here on out! Congratulations, and make sure to keep your website running smoothly.

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